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Roll of Honour 
Adult and Youth Football
2017: Presidents Cup (Cork AUL Div 3 cup) Winners (Macroom B)
2010: Cork AUL Premier A League Champions (Macroom A), Cork AUL Division 3 Champions (Macroom B)
2007: Presidents Cup, (Macroom B)
2004: AUL Division 1 Champions (Macroom A)
1999: Mossie Linnane Premier League Cup Runners Up (Macroom A)
1997: Mossie Linnane Premier League Cup Winners (Macroom A), Murphy Youth Cup Winners.
1996: Youths League Division 2 Winners, Murphy Youth Cup Runners Up, AUL Premier A Runners Up (Macroom A)
1995: AUL Division 1 Winners (Macroom A)
1994: St Michael’s Cup (AUL Division 1 cup) Runners Up (Macroom A)
1988: AUL Division 2 Winners (Macroom A)
1983: AUL Division 2 Runners Up
1980: AUL Division 3 Runners Up

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